Spencer County Historians of the Year
Past Honorees

          Since 1989, the Spencer County Historical Society has honored individuals or organizations who have contributed to preserving the history of Spencer County, Indiana. This has been done at a public banquet with guest speakers. In addition to the Historian of the Year, the Society also recognizes a Commemorative Historian of the Year.

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Resolution Adopted by the Spencer County Historical Society - 1988

          Be it resolved that the Spencer County Historical Society recognize each year a person or organization which has contributed the most, in the view of the Society, toward preserving the history of our County, or whose efforts, in the present or past, have made the history of the County richer.

          Below is a list of individuals or organizations who have been named Historians of the Year or Commemorative Historians of the Year in the past.

Year Historian Commemorative
1989   Mary Conen   Bess V. Ehrmann
1990   Glen and Mary Douglas   Albert H. Kennedy
1991   Ethel Walker   Thomas Fortune
1992   Clayton Spurlock   Orian V. Brown
1993   Christine Young   James C. Parker
1994   Rebecca Middleton   Ethel Smith
1995   Ellen Joyce Brown   Jennie Squire
1996   Gleda Kupeck   George Honig
1997   Helen Tremper   Charles T. Baker
1998   Leta Alley   Amanda Kessner
1999   Frances Gentry   T. C. Basye
2000   Paul and Pauline Rimstidt   Charlotte Baird
2001   Ralph and Helen Kennedy   James C. Veatch
2002   William and Patricia Koch   Raymond J. (Jim) Yellig
2003   Duane Walter   Abraham Lincoln
2004   Charles Feigel   Lucille Richards
2005   Joe and Eugenia Groves   Benno Schum
2006   Orville Martin   Charles Lieb
2007   Kris Manley   Joe Hargis
2008   Harold and Georgia Banks   John B. Chrisney
2009   Daryl Lovell   Thomas Miller
2010   Steve Sisley   Evelyn Swallow
2011   The Lincoln Club of Southern Indiana   David Turnham
2012   James and Barbara Hevron   Thomas D. Brumett
2013   Tom Brauns   Kate Milner Rabb
2014   Raymond and Patricia Dawson  
2016   Steve Haaff   Col. James S. Wright
2017   Jim Haaff and Henry Ayres   Bill Evans
2018   The Spencer County Leader and
Spencer County Journal-Democrat
  Thomas J. Langdon
2019   Margaret Betty Grose   Robert Grose
2020   Covid  
2021   Darrell Stephens   Lepha Mackey

Historical Society Banquet 2009